Baker Family Loses Everything in Fire

Ike Baker, long time worker at Dayton McDonald's lost his home and contents in recent fire. Rhea County Community has reached out with donations of items and money.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Community Reaches Out to Family

January 2019

Dayton, TN — On Sunday Evening, December 30th, Fire took the home of Ike Baker and his family on Valley Brook Drive in Dayton. The home and contents were a total loss and Ike expressed doubt if insurance would pay enough for rebuild. Meanwhile the Rhea County Community has reached out to the family bringing donations to McDonald’s. Many of Rhea County know Ike, who is 91 and has worked at McDonlad’s for 20 years. Ike has cleaned up many times for my grands and for others who have frequented the McDonald’s restaurant over the years.

Ike was still in good spirits and returned to work at McDonald’s. Meanwhile contributions and donations to the local McDonald’s have been coming in at good rate. Ike and three other family members have lived in the home and are now in temporary accommodations. Four generations lived in the home with Ike’s daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughter living with Ike.

At present no go fund me page has been established, but some local businesses are working to help Ike and family to replenish what was lost in the fire.

One immediate need a laptop computer that is used for school.

Ike said, “I am thankful to all those who have given things for my family.”

“I was sitting in living room on Sunday night when I hear a boom and I ran out. I am glad nobody else was home when the fire began.”

Fire Department is still investigating the fire at this time to determine how it started.

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