“Annie” shows bright future for tomorrow

The interactions between Miss Hannigan and the orphans highlighted the "Annie the Musical Play" recently at the Tennessee Valley Theatre in Spring City, Tennessee. (Photo: GaryBolden/RheaReview)

A lot of young performers shine in performance of “Annie” at TVT

December 2017

Spring City, TN —  The Musical Annie played recently over two weekend at the Tennessee Valley Theatre in Spring City.  Two casts alternated performances and both performed well.  Director Georgette Boozer and assistant Crystal Janow did great job of getting two casts ready to perform.  This was a difficult undertaking.  Musicals can be quite a challenge and I was entertained by the performances I attended.

My granddaughter played an orphan in the play so this was the first play that I had the  opportunity to go behind the scenes for a play.  From the auditions all the way through 2 months of practice and finally through several performances, I came to appreciate all that goes into putting on a play.  I also came to appreciate the talent and dedication of the performers.  Volunteers at all stages of production spent many, many hours making this and other plays a success.

Many of the actors spent many hours just getting ready for the audition by learning the lines of the character they would be reading for.  Auditions were a long and tedious process and the decisions on who would and would not be in the cast can be tough.  In a small community the director would have to battle personal feeling about actors as people and the success of the play that would require hard decisions at times.  Not all the actors were strictly local.  Several of the actors drove several miles from outside Rhea County to participate in the play.  Really appreciated their sacrifice.

After the cast was set came hours and hours of practice.  Working with actors as young as 7 years old and dealing with lots of down time during rehearsals.  All this takes a tremendous amount of organization and patience by directors and cast alike.  Sets had to be designed and built.  Choreographers and music directors had to work in their time in between the rehearsals.

I had to admit, that a couple of weeks before the first performance, I as a novice to the process was thinking “How in the world are they going to pull this off”.  But on opening day, both casts came out and knocked it out of the park.  Now were there a few blips and slips on the way?  Sure there were, but the overall performance was very good.  Over 60 performers pulled it off and the audiences seemed to really enjoy the performance by their reactions.

I am so thankful that Rhea County has a place for young and old alike to learn their craft and a place where the community can go see everyday people they know doing something amazing.  They can say “Wow, I didn’t know he(or she) could do that”.

Director Georgette Boozer was so proud of both cast and appreciate of all the hard work that made “Annie” a success.

Georgette said, “I had a fantastic time working with all the cast members. They worked very hard to bring everything together for the show.  I am thankful that I had the help of Lance and Christina Sullivan for the sets and props.”

“Theater in a small town is so important, especially for the youth that have no other options keeping them out of trouble.”

Credits and List so volunteers and performers from “Annie the musical”

Music Director was Amanda Miranda and assistant music director was Thomas Rogers.

Choreographers: Breanna Lewis, Jade Sullivan, Chrittina Sullivan, Larry Hubbart, Greg Baughman, jamie Morgan, Katie Warren, Josh Alonso, Brynn McMillin & Allie Millard.

Set design by Christina and Lance Sullivan.

Set builders: Christina Sullivan, Lance Sullivan, Jade Sullivan, Molly Sullivan, Jerry Scroggins, Brenna Lewis, Paige Dorman & Abby Dorman

Lights, sound and effects: David Helzel and Darlene Thomason.

Props:  Kristin Janow, Dawnia Powers, Karen Beck, Breanna Lewis & Cast.

Costumes: Debbie Hancock, Pammie Bowen, Christina Sullivan, Amanda Shelton, Karen Alsup, Victoria Jernigan Davis & Cast.

Makeup: Amanda Miranda, Debbie Jackson, Melissa Jackson, Ali Burnett.

Sponsor: LaZBoy

Based on book by Thomas Meehan

Music by Charles Strouse

Lyrics by Martin Charnin

Original Broadway production directed by Martin Charnin

Based on “Little Orphan Annie” by permission of Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

Presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International.  All authorid performance materials were supplied by Music Theatre International.


CharacterRed CastGreen Cast
AnnieAnna CoxJulie Sullivan
Ms. HanniganBrynn McMillinKatie Warren
MollyBaylee RigsbyAmelia Shelton
PepperShyah DuniganPaige Dorman
KateEmree HarrisRebecca Blackwell
JulyMadison SchwallMolly Sullivan
DuffyOlivia ParnellOlivia Burnett
TessieAubrey Kingkadence Jackson
LeannSierra WetsonSierra Wetson
Lola/RoswellHayli SullivanReece Jackson
Charle/MarieCharlie Farmer-BowenMacKenzie Holloway
Lucy/KaylenLusero VargasKaylen Ainsworth
Oliver WarbucksLarry HubbardLarry Hubbard
Grace FarrellKatelyn SummerosnBrenna Lewis
RoosterJosh Alonsojamie Morgan
LilyAllie MillardChristina Sullivan
Bundles, Beret Healy and President RooseveltGarbrie HubbardJerry Scroggins
DrakeEmily SorrowCraig Luther
Mrs. Pugh & HoboPatricia PattonAli Burnett
Mrs. Gree & HoboKristen janowFantasia Haggart
Annette & NYC patronMelissa JacksonMelissa Jackson
Ceceil Sophie & WoodinJudy BlackwellJudy Blackwell
Officer Ward, Hrold Ickes & Judge BrandeisAndrew CargileAndrew Cargile
Perkin & HoboSkylar CargileSkylar Cargile
Louis Howe, House Man & HoboSteve OrenderSteve Orender
Cordell Hull & HoboJacob HaggartJacob Haggart
Bonnie BoylanBree TilleyBree Tilley
Connie BoylanCalysta WardCalysat Ward
Ronnie BoylanVictoria JanowVictoria Janow
WackyKaleb SniffenAustin Teffer
Katlenbornd & Radio AnnouncerDarlene ThomasonDarlene thomason
radio AnnouncerChris CornettChris Cornett
Sound ManBradley PowellBradley Powell
Star to beGeorgette BoozerGeorgette Boozer
Apple SellerAlexis AlsupAlexis Alsup
Dog CatcherCaleb Cargile & Aiden CargileCaleb Cargile & Aiden Cargile
Paper BoyCaydin Chipman & Nolan HollyCaydin Chipman & Nolan Holly
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