Animal Shelter Visit to Library is Purrfect

Everyone poses fro picture after the end of a fun event at Clyde W. Roddy Library, with animals, cow bells and book reading.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Kids love the kittens and puppies from Shelter

June 2018

Dayton, TN —  The Rhea County Animal Shelter brought just a few of the many animals they house up at the shelter.  Those kittens and puppies were well loved, petted and hugged during the visit.  After the visit, the kids were given a talk by Cheyenne Shelter, who runs the shelter.  Cheyennes talked about how animals find their way to the shelter and how those animals are sent back out into community via adoption.

After the talk by the Animal Shelter, it was book reading time and the book read was about ears.  Probably not the same floppy ears that adorned the cats and dogs brought to the library. After a visit from a cow, kids continued with their cowboy theme for the week by decorating cow bells. At the end, smores were served to complete the fun.   Another great day at the Clyde W. Roddy Library during the June “Libraries Rock” celebration.  So far over 500 have signed up for the reading celebration that ends on June 29th.

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