Abigail Corvin Music Moves On After American Idol

Abigail Corvin and Drake Taylor sing together and both recently auditioned for American Idol.(Phtoo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Abigail Learns From American Idol Audition and Looks Forward

September 2018

Dayton, TN —  Abigail Corvin recently auditioned for American Idol in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  The audition was held at the Chattanooga Market Pavilion.  Abigail was one of many who auditioned that day.  It was a hot day and auditions were held outside.  Though Abigail did not move on to next round, she counted the experience a positive in her life.  Abigail, Drake Taylor and Blake Smart have sung together over the last year in a group called B.A.D.(First Names).  Drake Taylor as many know passed on after his in person audition and will soon do his next audition.

Abigail is very busy at school as she is involved.  She writes for school newspaper and can be seen on the field taking pictures at football games.  She on one of the lead singers and pianist for the school band and is associated with yearbook.  Abigail played basketball and softball in middle school but gave those up in high school.  She participated in the Distinguished Young Woman Competition and performed very well in talent competition.  She plans on attending Lee University in Cleveland and majoring in Music and Worship.

I recently had a chance recently to ask Abigail some questions about her experience and her future in music.

Were you nervous at the audition?

“I wasn’t nervous at all honestly, I was pretty confident. I knew if i didn’t make it then it wasn’t for me and that God would have greater plans for me.”

How was the audition experience?

“The audition was really long, I got there at 9 and didn’t leave until 3 that afternoon. There was over 5000 people there and they only took 20.  there was also only four judges total, one at each table.”

What song selection did you make?

“I sang “If I ain’t got you” by Alicia Keys, which is also the song i preformed at Distinguished Young Woman Competition and at Opry Mills in Nashville.  I felt really good after I preformed.   I gave it all I had.”

What is your focus coming out of the audition for the future?

“After not making the next round I was encouraged to work harder for the next year because they told me they could see me winning it if I came back in the next years.”

Who was there to encourage and support you through the process?

“My parents and grandpa have really encouraged me and pushed me to make the right decisions in my music career. They tell me what I need to work on, how I could improve it, and how I could do better next time.”

What are your short range plans for your music career?

“I really have just started.  I have only been concentrating on my career beginning this year.  I quit sports when I went into High School to focus on music,  but I honestly pushed every singing opportunity away because I was scared to sing in-front of people.  But then I met Drake(Taylor) in May and we preformed on RTI day at RCHS.   I was actually terrified for that performance.   But he really helped me to get over that fear because he pushed me and encouraged me to sing in front of everyone and that really boosted the confidence. of both of us.  Our music careers have blasted off since then.”

What type of music do you enjoy singing the most?

“I really enjoy singing Gospel because I was raised in a Christian home so I listened to gospel music a lot.  God gave me this voice for a reason, so i’m definitely going to use it to glorify Him and His kingdom.”

Do you have a favorite singing artist?

“I would never be able to pick only one artist that’s my favorite, but my favorite artists include John Mayer, Allen Stone, Chris Stapleton, Lauren Daigle, Ella Mai, Hozier and Johnnyswim.”

Couple of Corvin Musiical Video selections.

DYW 5 19 18 Abigail Corvin

DYW 5 19 18 Abigail Corvin – If I Ain't Got You. Another of the great performances at DYW on Saturday Night at Rudd Auditoriums at Bryan College.

Posted by Rhea Review on Sunday, May 20, 2018

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