2018 Special Athletic Games scheduled for March 8th

Last years volunteers and participants really enjoyed the night. 2018 Special Athletic Games scheduled for March 8th(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Lots of fun and accomplishments for participants and volunteers

March 2018

Evensville, TN —  The 2018 Special Athletic games are scheduled for Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 6 pm.  The games will be held at Rhea County High School Gymnasium.  Last year Rhea County Special Athletic Games  was a special night for all those in attendance. Participants from eleven different programs competed in the games, which included seven different events.

There were a host of volunteers that made everything possible.  Lots of action on the court and on the sidelines.  The Rhea County High School softball team was coordinating the events. A list of some of the events were 50 yard dash, softball throw, standing long jump, wheelchair race, unassisted wheelchair race, 100 yard dash and frisbee throw.  There will be a new game this year, the basketball shot. Last year the prevailing theme of the night was smiling.

Tons of smiles by participants, volunteers, parents and fans alike.  This event is the highlight of the year for some of these athletes, who really enjoy the competition(and the medals).  Athletes from preschool to older adults competed in these games. Come on out and enjoy the night this Thursday.

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