2017 Rhea Middle Soccer honors 8th graders

Rhea Middle Soccer team and coach Chris Horton took time after the 5-1 win by Rhea Middle over Lake Forest to honor 13 eighth grade players who will move on to the High School after this season.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Rhea Middle Soccer wins 5-1 to run record to 9-4

September 29, 2017

Evensville, TN —  Rhea Middle Soccer honored their thirteen 8th grade players after their 5-1 win over Lake Forest on Friday on Bill Horton field in Evensville.  Thirteen players were recognized by Coach Bill Horton in post game ceremony as players and families were presented with flowers and other items to remember their Rhea Middle School soccer time.

With the win, the Rhea Middle School record went to 9-4.  Scoring in the game were Michaela Reeves(2 goals), Sophie White, Allison Prescott and Emma Reeves.

Great job by first year head coach Chris Horton and his assistants for hitting the ground running.  It has been great year by this team, evidenced by their 9 wins and their play on the grass.

During the 8th grade ceremony, Coach Chris Horton took time to personally recognize the contributions of the 8th grade players and parents during the season.

Coach Horton said, “All you parents can be very proud of your young girls. Thank you to all you parents for this year.  I am looking forward to seeing what they are going to do at the high school.”

8th grade players for Rhea Middle Soccer:

# 2AbigailIves
# 4AllisonPrescott
# 5KatieEvans
# 6LynseyButt
# 10SarahConley
# 14CassidyRobinson
# 17RoseMorgan
# 21SydneyBeasley
# 22DarcyHolloway
# 23SophieWhite
# 44AshleyBrannen
# 55MichaelaReeves
# 73SarahHorton
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