2017 Rhea County Soccer honors senior Lady Eagles

Seniors Allison Sekura and Emmie Stumbo were honored after the home win vs Berean Academy on Tuesday. The two players have provided senior leadership for the team this year.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Seniors Emmie Stumbo and Allison Sekura honored: Rhea wins 5-1 for 12th win of the season

October 3, 2017

Evensville, TN —  Rhea County Soccer took time after their 5-1 win over visiting Berean Christian Academy to honor two seniors, Allison Sekura and Emmi Stumbo.  With the win the Lady Eagles extend their record for wins to 12, which also bests the record for wins by the boys team.  On Monday the girls had broken the season record for goals at 47 and continue to improve on that goal. Scoring goals on Tuesday were Allison Sekura(2 goals), Hannah Deakins, Emmie Stumbo and Emily Caudill.  Mary Kanipes and the defense kept the opponents out of the net.

Hannah Deakins and Allison Sekura each have double digit goals scored as they battle for the lead in goals scored this year.  Rhea County goes on the road to Chattanooga Central to finish out the regular season.

District tournament begins October 7th.  Seeding for the tournament- 1 Cookeville, 2 Soddy, 3 Rhea, 4 Warren, 5 White.   Rhea County will get a bye for round 1 and travel to Soddy for the semi-final on Tuesday the 10th.  Rhea County, Soddy and Warren had a three way tie for 2nd, which was broken by goal differential, and Soddy was a little ahead of RCHS for that.

District Awards were announced after the game on Tuesday.  Awards received by the Rhea County team were the following:







District6AAA Offensive MVP- Allison Sekura
District6AAA Rookie of the Year- Hannah Deakins

1st Team All District:

Whitney Gross
Tori Mitchell

2nd Team All District:

Mary Kanipes
Hailey Corvin

Coach Justin Smith continues to do amazing things with Rhea County Soccer.  The program has grown in popularity and continues to improve under Justin’s coaching.

Coach Smith was kind enough to give the media his thoughts about the season.

Justin said, “What a great season the girls have had across the board.”

“We will have our hands full with Soddy, even though we beat them in the regular season, they outshot us and had more possession than us. The girls will have to come ready to battle and all our focus is in that direction.”

“Winning that game would put us in the first district championship our team has ever been to, and after taking more shots on Cookeville during this season’s game than in the last few years combined, we would love the chance to play them again for the championship (unless they get upset by the winner of Warren vs. White).”

Rhea County Program coming into it’s own:

“Our program is coming into its own, and that is the result of a lot of different things. We have athletes (boys and girls) that have played soccer for a long time. When I started coaching, those players were few and far between.”

“For example, our two leading scorers right now, Allison Sekura, District 6AAA Offensive MVP and Hannah Deakins, District 6AAA Rookie of the Year, are both products of Rhea County Soccer and its many different facets. Local city leagues (AYSO and RC3), club teams (formerly Bridge Football Club and now RC3FC), and middle school soccer (Rhea Middle) are all investing in these players before they get to the high school level, so now when players come to us, we can focus on philosophy and strategy rather than basic skills, which is huge as we move forward as a program.”

“A lot of credit has to go to the programs and coaches that have been investing in our players before they get here and during the high school off-season. We cold not be where we are as a program without them.”

“A ton of credit obviously has to go to this group of girls for setting the record this year for goals scored and wins. They work hard all through July and August with our coaching staff preparing for their season, but many of them also work hard apart from us.  They do training on their own, are involved in the weightlifting program at RCHS,  do after school fitness in the spring, and training/playing under Coach Zach Daily with Bridge Football Club (now RC3FC)”

“These are all things these girls are involved in. They love the game, they love each other, and they have learned how to work hard to achieve a goal, and this season is a testament to that- They are merely reaping from what they have sown, and they deserve the school record both for wins and goals in a season.”

Coach Smith talks about his two seniors:

“Allison and Emmie both bring a lot to the team both on and off the field. Though it is a small senior class numerically, they are deep in personality and influence. Their leadership on the team is a large part of our positive team atmosphere, which is vital to our overall health and success as a team and is extremely important to us as a coaching staff.”

“Allison is a huge part of our attack and every team we play has their hands full when dealing with her. Her speed and urgency to attack are lethal, which is the main reason she was voted District 6AAA Offensive MVP this year. Emmie is a consistent presence for us in the midfield. She causes teams to give up the ball often and is able to distribute the ball wide or forward to build up the attack. She is also able to score from outside the box, as we saw when she placed a ball over the keepers reach to the back post on senior night.”

Talking about the recent hot streak by the Lady Eagles:

“Rhea County has really turned on the burners in the last past few games, winning six out of the last seven and the leadership defensively both in the net with Mary Kanipes and across the board with five shut-outs in that stretch.”

“It is no secret that defenders are overlooked. They aren’t flashy, they don’t score the goals, but this defense has been absolutely solid.  We have outscored teams 56-17 so far this season, and the most impressive number there is probably the 17.  That averages out to 1.06 goals per game against us, and 3.5 for us.”

“Mary Kanipes in goal, Whitney Gross at center back, Alexa Schultz, Amber Stanton, and Hailey Corvin at wingback, and Tori Mitchell and Addie Cannon as Defensive Midfielders all combine to make a solid stand for us game after game. They have had 8 shutouts this season, which is huge. Their strong stance in the back also plays a large part of our offensive attack. The more they win the ball and play it forward, the more looks we have at goal. Even though they may not be in the spotlight it cannot be overstated how well they have played and we are extremely proud of them.”

Coach Smith seems to have left out one more award winner.  District Soccer Coach of the year for 2017 is Justin Smith.  Congrats coach.


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