2017 Punkin Chunkin contestants start young

Good group competed in the 2017 Chunkin Punkin Contest at PumpkinFest this year.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

Prizes awarded for 3 different ages groups at PumpkinFest

October 27, 2017

Dayton, Tennessee  —  the 2017 Punkin Chunkin contest brought out a nice group of pumpkin chunkers on Friday night at the opening day on PumpkinFest 2017 at the Dayton Tennessee courthouse.  33 young people, 14 and under participated in contest, which involved throwing or rolling a pumpkin as far as possible down the street in front of the Rhea County courthouse.  The contestants were divided into 3 age groups.  The youngest group was 5 years and under and the oldest group was made up of young people 9 to 14 years of age.

I was surprised how far even the smallest of the contestants could throw or roll a pumpkin.  Youngest contestant was Leo Massingale, who was 1 year old.  The winner of the under 5 group was Jackson Williams, a 4 year old, while 2 year old Kai Massingale finished 2nd.  Ada Massengale, who is 4 years old finished 3rd for the group of 11 competitors.

The 6 to 8 years old group was the largest at 13 and Bill Gothard, an 8 year old won.  2nd place went to 6 year old Alexis Williams, while 3rd place wentto Korea Ainley.

The 9 to 14 year old group was the smallest with 9 contestants.  12 year old Elijah Ainley finished 1st, while 13 year old Fabian Ruiz brought home 2nd place.  3rd place went to Hunter Lohman, who is 11 years old.

Prizes awarded included Main Street Bucks, which could be spent at Main Street Tent, for 1st place.   2nd place prize was PumpkinFest Tee Shirt and 3rd place awarded was a Fidget spinner.

5 and under winners: left to right: 1st – Jackson Williams, 2nd – Kai Massingale 3rd – Ada Massengale
6 to 8 year old winners:, left to right: 1st – Bill Gothard, 2nd – Alexis Williams, 3rd – Korea Ainley.
The 9 to 14 year old contestants, right to left: 1st – Elijah Ainley 2nd – Fabian Ruiz 3rd – went to Hunter Lohman.
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