2015 Outdoor Road Trip in Pictures

Nov. 1, 2015 - The flatlands and potholes of South Dakota offer some spectacular sunrises. (Photo: Richard Simms)

Four weeks consumed by the outdoors… that’s where I’ve been. I’ve routinely made an October hunting/fishing road trip for the last five years. But typically two weeks of vacation time has been my limiting factor. However, I gave up my “real” job last year, so this year it was no holds barred.

I recently returned from four weeks of road tripping, covering a total of 4,605 miles — first to the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association annual conference in Eufala, Ala., and then on to South Dakota where me and Greg Atchley prowled across the Mount Rushmore State in search of pheasants and ducks. We were joined during our final week by Ross Malone and Ed McCoy.

Here are a few stories written during our travels: Ray Scott’s Slice of Bass Fishing Heaven Bowfishing Fever Getting Hotter Every YearSouth Dakota: The Land of Milk and Honey (for Hunters)15 Days Into South Dakota Adventure

However it is very hard to put all 28 days into words… at least words you would be willing to read. So instead I’ve tried to hit the highlights with 64 pictures. That’s worth about 64,000 words, right? (click on photos for caption info)

[foogallery id=”17694″]

Got questions about hunting or fishing in South Dakota? If so, feel free to send me an e-mail.

To learn more about hunting and fishing in the Black Belt Region of Alabama, visit their website.

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