105 Rescued Puppies Are Safe and Sound

Rescued Rhea County Puppies getting Love and Care

Anna Luther holds one of the 105 dogs rescued on Tuesday from a location in Rhea County. This puppy will be in foster care until fulled vetted before being adopted out.(Photo:GaryBolden/RheaReview)

October 10, 2018

Evensville, TN —  Rhea County Animal Shelter director Cheyenne Swafford confirmed that all 105 puppies rescued from a location in Rhea County are in the process of being processed.  Around 48 of those puppies were taken to the Chattanooga Humane Society and 57 were fostered out locally as they await medical, bathing and grooming before being adopted out.

This morning the Rhea County Animal Shelter staff a long list of people in the community looks to adopt the dogs.  More people had shown interest than there were dogs.  This is a good thing.  The staff at Rhea County Animal Shelter said they had received calls from everywhere asking about adopting the dogs.

There were calls from South Africa, Alaska as well as over over the United States.

There were around 100 volunteers involved in the rescue effort as dog crates full of dogs were carried to the Animal Shelter a few times.  Dogs were then cleans and area veterinarians helped out with the medical inspections on the dogs.  All the dogs that did not go to Chattanooga Humane Society are now in foster care and paperwork is being processed to adopt the dogs after the proper medical care and spaying and neutering has been done.

Director Cheyenne Swafford said, “Yesterday we got a call around 9:30 am from a citizen who was concerned.  When we arrived on scene, we realize that this was more than what we expected.”

“This was a case of someone trying to to good, but they got in way over their head and very overwhelmed.  It got to the point they could no longer care for the animals.”

“They surrendered the animals over to us and we got a team together and pulled over 100 animals out.”

“57 animals went to foster care or to local rescues we have here.”

“Our vets here were great.  Our vets checked the animals before they went to foster care.”

“Throughout the night there were over 100 volunteers helping.”

“We wanted the ones in foster care to go home and get out of the stressful situation and get little one on one TLC.  When they come back this morning we will begin the veting process.”

“Three of our area vets are working with us to set up spay and neuter days, so we can all these guys spayed and neutered before they are available for adoption.”

“We have more messages (about adopting) than we can handle.  The response has been tremendous.”

“If you are interested in adopting, come and see us.”

“The cost of adoption is $125.00, which covers everything, including vaccinations, shots, worming, de-fleaing, heart worm testing and spaying and neutering.”

“If you want to donate for the animals, you can stop by and see us, give us a call at (423-775-2209), or go to our facebook page.”

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